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Town Clerk


The primary mission of the Town Clerk’s Office is to preserve and protect all records placed in the custody of this office and to provide courteous, efficient and professional service to the public.  
The office answers the main telephone line at town hall and serves as a central location for general information about town government to the citizens of Bethany.

Land records, vital records, and town meeting books date back to 1832 when the town was incorporated.  These documents are stored in the town hall vault along with maps, minutes of town boards and commissions, cemetery records and veterans discharges.

As Registrar of Vital Statistics, the Town Clerk issues marriage licenses, and provides certified copies of births, deaths and marriages, of vital events that took place in town, or for individuals who were Bethany residents at the time.

The Town Clerk is also involved with a variety of election-related duties, including providing information to residents, ordering election supplies, issuing absentee ballots, and filing election results in the permanent record.

Other services include burial and cremation permits, dog licenses, liquor permit filing, notorizing documents, notary registrations, trade name certificates and vendor permits.

The Town Clerk also administers the oath of office to elected and appointed officials.

Finally, the Clerk's Office receives and files minutes of all town board and commission meetings and posts notices and agendas of local government bodies.



Annual & Special Town Meeting Minutes

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Are Bethany Land Records available online?

  • Yes!  Bethany Land Records go back to January 1, 1960 online.  In order to access, you must visit our vendor's site: Cott Record Hub  Once there, you will need to create a login with your email address.  See Land Records tab at right for more details.

How Do I Obtain An Absentee Ballot?

  • Registered Voters
    You my obtain an Absentee Ballot application from the Town Clerk Monday through Friday starting 30-days before an election.  You may also print and mail an Absentee Ballot application for state, local or federal elections on the Secretary of State’s website Print Absentee Ballot Application.  

    Deployed Military Personnel Federal Voting Assistance Program
    Federal Post Card Applications are available to deployed Uniformed Service members and their families living abroad. These cards are used to register to vote, request an Absentee Ballot and update your contact information.

    Americans Living Abroad
    Voting While Living Outside the U.S.

Can I get my birth certificate here if I was born in another CT Town, but My Parents were Living in Bethany at The Time?

  • Yes!  We receive certificates of any births that took place within Connecticut, as long as the parents were living in Bethany at the time.  Keep in mind that vital records do not follow as you move.  If you were born in another CT town and your parents were also living in a different CT town, you will need to go to town of parent's residence or town of birth to get your certificate.  Vital records also do not cross state lines, so if you were born in another state, you will need to contact the appropriate office in your birth state for the necessary records.

What marriage certificates do you have on file?

  • We have certificates for all ceremonies performed in Bethany, as well as any marriages of Bethany residents that occurred in other Connecticut towns.

How Do I Find Out About Meeting Dates And Hours?

  • Notices of all town board, commission and committee meetings must be filed with the Town Clerk.  Agendas and Minutes are also posted on this website.

When Are The Minutes Of The Town Meetings Available?

  • Motions of any votes taken must be filed within 48 hours.  Full minutes are due no more than 7 days after a meeting.  Draft minutes are posted until an approved set is available, usually following the next meeting of the Board or Commission.  

How to obtain a Trade Name Certificate (DBA)?

  • Whenever you are conducting business under a name other than your own or the corporation’s, you must obtain a “doing business as” (DBA) certificate from the Town Clerk in the Town where the business is located. The trade name certificate is maintained in a public file and allows consumers to identify and locate the proprietor.  In Bethany, the filing fee is $10.00. The certificate may be filed in person or by mail.  There is an additional charge for a blank form ($1.00) or to obtain a certified copy ($3.00 for a one-page trade name).   See the Trade Name Certificate tab at right for more details. 

How can I get a voter I.D. card?

  • Voter registration cards are issued by the Town Clerk upon verification of enrollment by the Registrars of Voters office. 

How are fees and charges set in the Town Clerk’s Office?

  • Almost all fees are set by state statute.