Zoning Board of Appeals



Zoning Board of Appeals


Established by vote of a town meeting on February 11, 1952, Chapter 97 of the Bethany Code, the Zoning Board of Appeals is responsible for the following:

  • Acting on applications for variances from the Zoning Regulations where, among other things, a strict adherence to the Zoning Regulations would cause exceptional difficulty or unusual hardship due to unique or unusual conditions of the land.
  • Acting on appeals to orders of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.
  • Acting on any matter so authorized in the Zoning Regulations.


Lina Frazer
Zoning Enforcement Officer
203-393-2100 X1115


203-393-2100 X1115

Hours: Weekdays 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM or by appointment

Elected Officials

Robert Huxley-Chairman

Cynthia M. Megyola

Nicholas Poulmas

Armand Rivellini

Mark Stricker-Vice Chairman

Kevin Dingle

June G. Riley

Melissa Lambrecht



Zoning Board of Appeals

Bethany Town Hall
40 Peck Road
Bethany, CT 06524-3322

203-393-2100 X1115
Fax: 203-393-0828


1-2021 Consolidated Meeting Schedule – PZC ZBA IWC (002)

2- ZBA Application


4-Plan of Conservation & Development 2019

4a-Plan of Conservation & Development 2010


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 Zoning Enforcement


When are the meetings?

The Board meets on an “as needed basis” on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Commission Meeting Room of the Bethany Town Hall at 40 Peck Road. Contact ZBA Clerk for specific meeting times.

Do I need an attorney to present my case to the board?

The presence of any attorney is not required. An applicant may present his/her own case if he/she wishes. In many instances, particularly in more complicated cases, applicants have chosen to be represented by a professional, such as an attorney, a planning consultant, an architect, or a contractor, well versed in zoning matters. Sometimes an applicant will choose a relative or friend to represent him/her. This choice is entirely up to the applicant.

How can I best prepare myself for an appearance before the Zoning Board of Appeals?

The best preparation for a Zoning Board of Appeals appearance is to attend a hearing before your own hearing is scheduled. By listening to the presentations and the questions asked by the Board, you will get a sense of the workings of the Board.

A Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing, while quasi-judicial in nature, is still relatively informal. The Board goes out of its way not to be intimidating. After all, the members of the Board are all volunteers, and are your neighbors.

If I am seeking a zoning variance, should I present evidence of support from my neighbors?

In all zoning cases, the Board schedules a hearing. Neighbors may or may not choose to appear. However, the Board always welcomes the opinions of neighbors who may be affected by zoning variance. Therefore, while not required, input from neighbors can be helpful. If a neighbor does not choose to appear, a letter indicating support for or objection to an application may be submitted as evidence.

In cases where a variance is sought for a construction project, what supporting evidence must I submit to describe the project?

All applicants are required to submit an application and plans for the project. In addition, oral presentations are helpful to describe plans. In addition, drawings and photographs that show the property both before and after any planned construction will be helpful. Specific dimensions are required to describe the size of additions, decks, patios or other features. Where the slope of the lot is important to the location of any construction, an adequate description of the degree of slope and its location should be presented. Applicants are encouraged to have professionally prepared plans.

Where can I find all of the requirements for filing an application for a Zoning Variance?

Consult the Zoning Board of Appeals By-laws.