Board of Assessment Appeals


Board of Assessment Appeals

The Board of Assessment Appeals is responsible for conducting reviews and rendering judgments concerning challenges to motor vehicle and real estate assessments for taxpayers. The board meets in the Spring to review assessments related to commercial and residential property and in the Fall to review vehicle assessments. Forms for Petition to the Board of Assessment Appeals, can be found on the list of documents below.

Elected Officials

Gary J. Ross

Janet Brunwin

Richard Huxley


Board of Assessment Appeals

Bethany Town Hall
40 Peck Road
Bethany, CT 06524-3322

203-393-2100 x1112


 Assessor’s Office


When are the meetings?

Spring and fall, usually in March and September. Notices specifying dates and times are posted in the March and September Bethany Bulletins and in the local papers.

When can I appeal a Real Estate, Personal Property or Motor Vehicle tax assessment?

The Board of Assessment Appeals conducts hearings for Real Estate, Personal Property and Supplemental Motor Vehicle assessments every March.  Specific dates are announced in the March issue of the Bethany Bulletin and posted outside the Town Clerk’s office and in the local newspaper.  The application form found on the Assessor’s page titled Assessment Appeals Form must be received in the Assessor’s office on or before February 20 or the last business day prior in order to get on the hearing schedule:

Appeals for Motor Vehicle assessments for vehicles taxed in July are conducted in the parking lot at Town Hall in September on a date that is announced in the September issue of the Bethany Bulletin and posted outside the Town Clerk’s office and in the local newspaper.  Vehicle owner must bring vehicle in question to the hearing in the parking lot on that date to be evaluated by the Board of Assessment Appeals.