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6/5/2024 - Notice of Town Code updates 5/20/2024

In accordance with CT General Statute Section 7-157(a), notice is hereby given that at a duly noticed Town Meeting held on May 20, 2024, the following amendments to the Town Code were approved:

1. Chapter 92, Terms of Office, Town Treasurer and Tax Collector changed to 4 years, with Town Treasurer beginning on the first Monday of January.
2. Chapter 32, Board of Education, eliminated restricted voting for Bethany Board of Education candidates.
3. Corrected all references to May elections and July 1 and June 30 term dates for elected officials.

The full text is available at the Town Clerk’s office for public inspection. The approved ordinance shall become effective fifteen days after publication.

Dated this 4th day of June 2024

William L. Brinton
Bethany Town Clerk