What can you tell me about Underground Storage Tank Removal Inspections?

Although underground storage tank removal inspections are not mandated by the Connecticut General Statutes, the staff of the Fire Marshal’s Office in Bethany inspects the removal of all underground storage tanks, in both commercial and residential settings. The homeowner or business owner, or the company in which they employ to remove the tank from their property, must submit an application for removal of an underground storage tank to the Fire Marshal’s Office. Once the application is received, this generates an inspection by the Fire Marshal’s Office staff. The inspection includes witnessing the actual removal of the underground tank, inspection of the tank excavation for contaminated soil, and the procurement of a soil sample by the removal contractor for analytical testing. The entire process is documented by digital photographs taken during the removal. The photographs include pictures of the tank, the tank excavation, and general photograph indicating the location of the tank on the property.