What can you tell me about the Fire Code Inspection Process?

Although an inspection can range from hours to days in duration, once the on-site inspection is complete, the Fire Marshal or Deputy Fire Marshal must complete a detailed report describing the conditions found and actions taken. When a violation is found during an inspection, the Fire Marshal or his designee must issue what is known as an “Abatement of Hazards” notice. This notice is to legally inform the owner, occupant, and/or management of a facility that a violation was found during an inspection. The notice further will inform the receiver that they have thirty (30) days (unless otherwise noted on the inspection report) from the day the notice is received to correct all violations contained in the inspection report that accompanies every Abatement notice. The inspection report takes as long, if not longer, than the actual inspection, to generate. The personnel conducting the inspection must return to the Fire Marshal’s Office and research the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, and all the applicable standards, to ensure the violation is properly cited.