What can you tell me about Professional Fireworks and Discharge Zones?

Everyone enjoys a beautiful professional fireworks display. There are many steps that must be taken to provide a safe working environment for the artists, or “shooters” who provide the show, which guarantees a quality fireworks show! The first step is for the licensed fireworks shooter to obtain a permit to create a display. The permit is received from the State of Connecticut Department of Public Safety, Office of the State Fire Marshal. A site inspection is conducted by the Fire Marshal of the location where the actual show will take place. What the Fire Marshal is looking for is proper safe distances from the point of discharge to the closest spectator. Once the shooter obtains the permit, it must be signed by the local Fire Marshal, Police Chief, and Fire Chief. Once all the paperwork is cleared through the State Fire Marshal’s Office, that’s when all the hard work begins. The Fire Marshal or his designee must be on site to check pyrotechnics licenses of all the shooters on site, and while the racks which contain the tubes that launch the fireworks into the air are set up by the shooter and his/her team. In addition to the Fire Marshal, a stand-by crew from the local fire department must be present, just to be prepared in the unlikely event that an accident occurs. Once the show begins, the Fire Marshal remains in the discharge site to ensure that no spectators are within the discharge zone, and to maintain safety within the site. Upon completion of the display, the racks are checked for “dud” fireworks. Once the racks are cleared, the show is over!