What can you tell me about Plan Reviews?

The Bethany Fire Marshal’s Office staff conducts reviews of all plans submitted to the town for all new commercial construction, as well as renovations to existing commercial structures. The purpose of the reviews of these plans is to ensure compliance with the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, as required in the Connecticut General Statutes. It is much easier to correct issues that are found during the planning stage of a project rather than after the structure has been built. Many times, situations found contrary to the Connecticut Fire Safety Code can range from something as simple as relocating or adding emergency lights and exit signs, to egress (exiting) requirements that are not sufficient for the number of occupants or size of the building.
The plan review process takes approximately thirty (30) days to complete. Upon completion of the review of plans submitted to the Fire Marshal’s Office, a letter detailing all corrections to be made is delivered to the architect for his review and correction. The building permit will not be issued until such time that all corrections to the plans found during the review process are made and the buildings are draw in compliance with the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, and all applicable standards and regulations. To request a review of plans, or for information as to how to submit plans for review, please click here!