What can you tell me about Fire Code Inspections?

Every Connecticut town and city is required to have a certified Fire Marshal who enforces the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, and all applicable standards and regulations as they apply to commercial buildings in their community. The Fire Safety Code applies to all occupancies, both new and existing, with the exception of one and two-family homes. One and two-family homes are governed by the Connecticut State Building Code, which is enforced locally by the town or city’s Building Official. The Fire Safety Code covers items, such as exiting of buildings, fire separations, interior finishes, sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and many other items most people do not even recognize when entering a facility that is open to the public, or take for granted if they are noticed. These details of a building are so vital to the safety of the occupants of commercial buildings; the Connecticut General Statutes has its own chapter stating penalties for violations to the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, which can range from imposed fines to imprisonment.