Is open burning permitted in the Town of Bethany?

Supervised open burning is allowed when issued a permit by the Fire Marshal’s Office to do so. Open burning permits will be issued to town residence for the purposes of cooking outdoors, holding a controlled bonfire, or when holding controlled fires for religious reasons. IT IS UNLAWFUL FOR ANY RESIDENT OR BUSINESS IN THE TOWN OF BETHANY TO BURN BRUSH, TRASH, OR ITEMS OF THE LIKE. ALL WOOD THAT IS BURNED SHALL NOT BE PRESSURE-TREATED. ALL ITEMS LIKE THESE MUST BE TAKEN TO THE TOWN RECYCLING CENTER. Failure to obtain a burn permit, or burning illegal items may subject the property owner to fines or arrest. Burn permits are void if weather conditions are such that it creates hazards to the permittee, their property, or the property around them, whether it is public or private. Any time wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour (gusts or sustained), or the fire danger rating is equal to or greater than “HIGH” as indicated on our homepage, there shall be no open burning in the Town of Bethany. If you would like to obtain today’s fire danger rating, please click here.