How do I file a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)?

When someone offers property as collateral for a debt, the creditor may have the arrangement committed to writing and filed as a lien. The filing must be on a UCC form and should include the names of the debtor and creditor, the amount of the lien and the location and description of the property.

The place where the lien should be filed depends on the type of property offered as collateral. In deciding where to file, remember that the purpose of the lien is to put future creditors on notice of your claim to the property. So, file the lien where future creditors are most likely to look.

If the property offered as collateral is real estate, the lien should be filed with the Bethany Town Clerk.

If personal property such as a car, jewelry or musical instrument is offered as collateral, the lien should be filed with the Secretary of State.

For additional information, call the Bethany Town Clerk’s Office.