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Open Position

1/25/2023 - Assistant Tax Collector/Assessor's Clerk


This is a unique opportunity to utilize your experience acquired in the Tax Office and also learn various aspects of the Assessor’s office.  Candidate will be expected to work Mondays and Wednesdays in the Tax Office and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays covering the Assessor’s office often overlapping as required. This is considered a full-time position and includes full benefits.  Hours are 8:30am – 4:00pm.


Bethany is a small town of approximately 6,000 people.  It is located off I84/Rt. 8 just south of Waterbury or off the Wilbur Cross Parkway north of New Haven.  The Tax office is comprised of one full time Tax Collector and one part-time assistant.  The Assessor’s office is staffed by a part-time Assessor’s Assistant and part-time Assessor’s clerk.  The Assessor is also part-time.  Applicant should have 2-4 years of experience in a municipal Tax Office.


Responsibilities & Expectations in Tax Office include:

  • Billing and payment posting using the Tax Collector System provided by Quality Data Service (QDS).
  • Balancing monthly bank statement with monthly deposits, credit card payments and online payments.
  • Researching address changes on returned mail and updating taxpayer records for Change of Address.
  • Covering the office during Tax Collector’s vacations and miscellaneous absences.
  • Proficiency in standard office practices and use of a desktop running the Microsoft Office suite of applications.
  • Mailing Delinquent statements and Demand notices.
  • Using DMV CIVLS to add or delete Delinquent flags.
  • Processing applications for Parks & Recreation and Recycle Resident and Non-Resident Permits
  • Taking vacations in July and January is not permitted.
  • Must possess excellent customer service skills.
  • Town will pay for CCMC Certification Classes.


Responsibilities & Expectations in Assessor’s Office include:

  • Assisting Veteran’s, Elderly and Disabled with Application for Tax Credits ensuring the required financial data is provided in order to meet filing deadlines.
  • Calling and sending Certified Letters to tax exemption applicants.
  • Performing adjustments on Motor Vehicles using QDS, updating eQuality CAMA for property transfers, building permits, correcting Field Cards.
  • Assisting residents and realtors with copies of Field Cards, Building Records and maps.
  • Must possess excellent customer service skills.
  • Town will pay for CCMA Certification Classes.


Salary Range is $43,900 – $48,500