Registrar of Voters


Registrar of Voters

The Registrars of Voters are responsible for maintaining an accurate voter list and supervising all town, state and federal elections in a non-partisan and fair manner. The Registrars also register new voters and remove the names of persons who had died or moved out of Bethany. The gradual increase in Bethany’s population is usually accompanied by an increase in the number of registered voters. Voter registration is the responsibility of residents themselves to register to vote in Bethany. The Registrars are happy to assist voters with any questions regarding voter registration or elections.

Elected Officialsvote

Janice Loomis
Republican Registrar
203-393-2100 X1121

Kathryn Sylvester
Democratic Registrar
203-393-2100 X1121


Shannon Lane (D)
Deputy Registrar

Janet B. Hescock (R)
Assistant Registrar


Registrar of Voters

Bethany Town Hall
40 Peck Road
Bethany, CT 06524-3322
203-393-2100 x1121
Hours: Fridays,  9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. 
Residents may also register to vote in the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall, during regular office hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
Register to Vote Online Connecticut SOTS


Am I registered to vote in Bethany?

You may use this link to the Secretary of the State’s website to check. You may also call or e-mail us – we would be happy to confirm your voting status.

What are the registration requirements?

To register to vote in Bethany, a person must be (1) a U.S. citizen, (2) a resident of Bethany, (3) at least 17 years of age (but 18 to vote), and (4) if convicted of a disenfranchising felony, released from confinement and parole.

What are the registration deadlines?

Before a referendum: Residents may register to vote up to the day before. Before a primary: Mailed in registrations must be postmarked by 5 days before the primary date; residents may register in person by 12:00 noon of the last business day before the primary. In Connecticut, voters must be affiliated with the party holding the primary in order to participate.* Before a regular election, mail-in registrations must be postmarked by the 14th day before Election Day; residents may register in person by the 7th day before the election.

Can I get a mail-in voter registration card?

Mail-in voter registration cards are available at the Town Clerk’s office and the Clark Memorial Library.

How do I change my name, address or party affiliation?

Changes of address, party affiliation or name can be made with the same mail-in registrations cards. *Please note that if you are switching between major parties (for example, before a primary), there is a 90 day waiting period before party privileges mature.

Who is eligible to vote in referenda?

Those eligible to vote in referenda are (1) registered voters or (2) U.S. citizens who are 18 years of age and liable for taxes on property assessed at not less than $1,000 on the last-completed Grand List.

When are elections held?

In even-numbered years, Election Day is the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. In odd-numbered years, it is the first Monday of May. Also in May, traditionally the Amity Regional School budget goes to referendum every year on the first Tuesday or Wednesday.

How can I vote absentee?

Absentee ballots are handled by the Town Clerk’s office. The process involves (1) applying for an absentee ballot, and (2) receiving, filling out, and delivering the ballot. Both steps can be carried out in person at the Town Clerk’s office or by mail. If you send your ballot by mail, be sure to give enough time for the Post Office to deliver it before Election Day. Any vote arriving after the last delivery does not count!

How can I work at the polls?

Working as an election official can be a rewarding and interesting experience. You may either check off the box when you register to vote or call the Registrars to express your interest.

How do I obtain an Absentee Ballot?

Registered Voters
You my obtain an Absentee Ballot application from the Town Clerk Monday through Friday. 9am – 4:30pm starting 30-days before an election.  You may also print and mail an Absentee Ballot application for state, local or federal elections on the Secretary of State’s website Print Absentee Ballot Application.  

Deployed Military Personnel Federal Voting Assistance Program
Federal Post Card Applications are available to deployed Uniformed Service members and their families living abroad. These cards are used to register to vote, request an Absentee Ballot and update your contact information.

Americans Living Abroad
Voting While Living Outside the U.S.


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