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Lina Frazer
Land Use Administrator/ Zoning Enforcement Officer/Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officer
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Building & Land Use Administrator Hours: Mondays through Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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Meeting Minutes Clerk
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Building Official
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Assistant Building Inspector
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Bethany Town Hall
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1 Land Use Owners Authorization Permit Rev Jan 2019

2 Land Use Inspection Process Form Oct 2021

3 General Building Permit Form Rev Jan 2019

4 Foundation Permit Form Rev Jan 2019

5 Superstructure Permit Form Rev Jan 2019

6 Demolition Permit Form Rev Jan 2019

7 Driveway Interface – Road Excavation 2020

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What do I need to do before applying for a mechanical or building permit?

All required documentation and construction information must be submitted with any Mechanical or Building Permit Application

The following approvals are necessary from each of the departments BEFORE applying for a building permit:

  • Inland Wetlands
  • Zoning Enforcement Office
  • Health Department (QVHD)
  • Highway Department

If any of the above departments request plan revisions during the review process, it is the applicant’s responsibility to re-circulate these revised plans for approval.

Where do I go to get a Building Permit?

Applications for Building and Mechanical Permits along with information on all requirements for such applications can be obtained in the Building and Land Use office at the Bethany Town Hall at 40 Peck Road.

I would like to install a pool or spa in my rear yard. Do I need a permit from the Town?

Swimming pools and spas require a building permit that must first be approved by the Zoning Enforcement Officer and then the Building Department. You will need to have at least 50 feet of clearance between your property line and a pool or spa.

I plan to build a deck in my back yard. Does this require a Zoning and Building permit?

Both Zoning and Building Permits are required for all decks.

I plan to install or modify a driveway that interfaces with a State or Town road. Do I need a permit?

A D.O.T. permit is required for a State road and a Town permit is needed for a Town road.

Do I need a building permit to put on siding or a new roof?

Yes, A Building Permit is required for each.

How can I acquire a Building Permit?

Contact the Building/Land Use Administrative Assistant, Zoning Enforcement Officer/Land Use Administrator, Assistant Zoning Enforcement Officer, Building Official or Assistant Building Official for details relative to your specific proposal.

Is there a charge for Building Permits?

Yes. The fee is based on the value of the improvement.

Do I need a permit for a shed?


What are the residential setbacks?

Setbacks for most structures is 50 feet from any property line.  Small sheds under 200 square feet may be allowed as close as 20 feet under certain circumstances.

When do I need a Building Permit?

An application shall be submitted to the Code Official for the following activities, and these activities shall not commence without a permit being issued:

  • Construct or alter a structure

  • Construct an addition

  • Demolish or move a structure

  • Make a change of occupancy (Commercial)

  • Install or alter any equipment which is regulated by the Connecticut Basic Building Code

How long does it take to get a building permit?

Typically, an application for a permit is processed with little delay. If all required land use permits have been obtained issuance of Building Permits may take approximately 1 week. The State Building Code allows 30 days for permit application review.

Why are building permits required?

Building permits provide a means for code officials to protect the public by reviewing all building plans with the intent to reduce the potential of hazardous, unsafe construction thereby ensuring public health, safety and welfare.

What are my setbacks?

Zoning “setbacks” are required for all structures (buildings, sheds, swimming pools, tennis courts, above ground tanks, etc.) Refer to the Bethany Zoning Regulations.

What are the requirements for fences?

Fences are regulated in two (2) ways. Swimming pool fences are regulated by the State Building Code. Boundary/privacy/decorative fences over 6 feet high are considered structures. No fence of any type may be placed or altered within the Town right-of-way. Fences must not restrict/obstruct vehicle sight line for any roadway/driveway as may be determined by the Town’s Public Works Director. Fences in commercial zones may require review/approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

My neighbor is building something on his property (or digging a hole), etc. How do I find out what is he doing?

Unless there is a compelling reason to the contrary, speak directly to the neighbor. The best opportunity to resolve a potential issue exists before a formal inquiry or enforcement action takes place. If this is not possible, or if a problem remains, contact the Building and Land Use Administrative Assistant or Building and Land Use Administrator. Please have the correct street address and owner’s name available.

My neighbor is excavating an area I feel is wetlands. What I should I do?

Contact the Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officer on 203-393-2100 X135.

Where is the boundary line between my property and the Town roadway?

A line of possession known as the “right-of-way” limit divides property owners’ land and the Town’s adjacent roadside land. This boundary line may be shown on an official survey. Copies of property surveys are generally filed with the Town Clerk.

If you are planning on performing any work along your road frontage such as installing any utilities, fencing, landscaping, etc.; you should contact the Department of Public Works to determine the limits of the right-of-way.

What is the best way to ward off carbon monoxide poisoning?

The best way to ward off carbon monoxide poisoning is to have your furnace serviced and chimney inspected every year. Wood and coal stoves should be cleaned and checked every year as well. Carbon Monoxide detectors have proven to be life savers.

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