Our Programs

We’re proud to offer a variety of programs to help the residents of Bethany.

Bethany Conserves

The Bethany Clean Energy Task Force partnered with New England Conservation Services and Victory Energy in 2014 to provide town residents with group pricing opportunities for home insulation. This program couples generous state rebates with installer rebates to encourage improving home efficiency by upgrading insulation.


Ct Solar Challenge

The Bethany Clean Energy Task Force partnered with Aegis Electrical Systems in 2013 to provide town residents with group pricing opportunities for Solar PV, Thermal hot water or solar pool heating. This program couples generous state rebates (CEFIA) with federal tax credits, to provide an economical solar solution to high energy prices. Residents responded!

More than 25 residents decided the time was right to use the power of the sun to supply their electricity, heat their water or heat their pool water. These systems added approximately 150kW worth of solar energy, saving residents thousands of dollars of year in energy costs.


Neighbor to Neighbor Program

Bethany was one of 14 Connecticut towns invited to join The Connecticut Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge in 2011. This nonprofit community savings program that engaged residents in invited Connecticut towns to reduce their home’s energy use by 20%. As residents joined and took actions to help their household, they earned points that were redeemed for community rewards.

This program concentrated on Home Energy Solutions audits. The Home Energy Solutions audit pinpoints drafts and air leaks, which allows homeowners to reduce energy costs, and a the same time opens the door to rebates, incentives, and opportunities for renewable energy in your home while improving overall living comfort. HES audits can be used by any homeowner improve the energy efficiency of their home.



Clean Energy Options

CT Clean Energy Options is a program that allows any CL&P or UI customer the opportunity to support clean energy made from approved renewable resources such as wind, solar and biomass. The Clean Energy Task Force has supported this program since 2006 and has encouraged town residents to choose to receive their energy from renewable resources. Residents of Bethany enthusiastically responded.

The town of Bethany received incentives for signups:
First town to 2.5% signups
First town to 5% signups
First town to 7.5% signups

The Town earned 14kW solar PV systems. These systems can be found at:

New Firehouse4 kW (shown in photo)
Old Firehouse2 kW
Bethany Community School8 kW

So far, nearly 300 Bethany residents have signed up for the Clean Energy Option.

Want to support Clean Energy by purchasing your energy from renewable resources?