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The Grand List year runs from October 1 through September 30.  Your Motor Vehicle will be taxed in the town in which it is registered on October 1 when the Grand List is pulled from the DMV data base.

Current Mill Rate for Real Estate and Personal Property for the 2018 Grand List: 36.9

Current Mill Rate for Motor Vehicles
for the 2018 Grand List:  36.9


The Assessor’s Office maintains records of each parcel of Real Estate, Motor Vehicle and business equipment in Bethany.  The main function of the Assessor’s Office is to prepare and perfect the Grand List.

  • The Grand List is comprised of all taxable and tax exempt properties, real and personal.
  • The Real Estate list is adjusted for new construction, additions and alterations.  Owner’s names and exemptions are maintained and updated.
  • Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles sends lists to the Assessor’s Office twice per year.  Motor Vehicle identification numbers are matched to the average retail values as supplied by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).
  • Personal Property list is comprised of business equipment as provided by the business owner(s) on the annual Personal Property Declarations due by November 1.

After the Grand List is signed, the Board of Assessment Appeals, an elected board consisting of three (3) officials, conducts hearings and adjusts values as deemed appropriate.

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for certain State mandated reporting requirements.  Our office administers exemption programs and assistance programs offered by the State of Connecticut and the Town of Bethany.


Mario Panagrosso, CCMA II

203-393-2100 x1112
Fax: 203-393-0828

Assistant Assessor:
Robin Glowa, CCTC 

Peg Duffy

203-393-2100 x1112
203-393-0828 – Fax


Bethany Town Hall
40 Peck Road
Bethany, CT 06524-3322

203-393-2100 x1112
Fax: 203-393-0828 – Fax
Assessor’s Clerk: Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Assessor’s Office Hours:  Wednesdays 5:15 PM – 7:15 PM *
* Please call to verify that the Assessor will be in before coming as his hours may fluctuate.


Field Cards & Tax Maps


Public Act 490-Classification of Land as Forest


1-Periods of War for Exemption for Vets

2-Application for MV Tax Exemption for Active Duty Military (Deadline for filing is December 31)

3-Board of Assessment Appeals Petition

4-2019 Additional Veterans Exemtions M59a                      (File between 02/01/2019 – 10/01/2019)

5-Qualifying Income-Program Year 2018-19

6-2018GL Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowners Tax Credit Application M35H (Deadline for filing is May 15, 2019 Application must include copy of current IRS-1040 & SSA 1099)

7-M28-Application for Exemption for Farm Machinery Horses or Ponies (Deadline for filing is November 1)

8-Qualifying Income-Program Year 2017

9-M29-Application for Classification of Land as Farm Land (2-sided document)

10-Antique Car Affidavit (Must have Antique Plates on Vehicle)


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