As part of a cost-saving technology upgrade using a state-owned private network for voice and data offered to Connecticut schools and municipalities, the Bethany Town Hall now has a new phone system.  The 2017-2018 cost savings for our new internet, managed services contract and telecommunications from the 2016-17 budget is estimated to be approximately $12,000 annually.  The main telephone number for the Town Hall is still 203-393-2100.  However, the office extensions have changed from 3-digit to 4-digit numbers.  Below is a directory of frequently called numbers.  For other offices in Town Hall, call the main number and listen to the options to find the office you are trying to reach.


Office Old Ext. New Ext.
Selectman’s Office 100 1100
Building Department 113 1113
Building Inspector 116 1116
Building Official 117 1117
Fire Marshal 119 1119
Human Services 124 1124
     Senior Activity &             Information 351 1351
     Senior Bus Transportation 324 1324
Parks & Recreation 127 1127
Registrar of Voters 121 1121
Resident State Trooper 129 1129
Tax Assessor 112 1112
Tax Collector 110 1110
Town Clerk 104 1104
Zoning Enforcement Officer 135 1135